It’s that time!!

Today Dave and I decided we would clean the bikes, the sun was shining and the worse of the bad weather is over. we hosed down both bikes at the local garage yesterday to get the worse of the mud off. The ritual cleaning of the bikes takes days, no nut bolt or chrome gets missed. The cleaning also gives us chance to check for any loose screws which quite often happens to mine due to all the bouncing on pot holes.

Of course to do a professional job you need the right cleaning materials, so I have taken a photo to show you what we use…

As you can see we have:

1. Dubbin used for rubber, leather and foot pegs.

2. Turkish furniture polish, used anywhere and everywhere!!

3. Toothbrush, (preferably an old one and NOT the one you are currently using) used for all those small places daves big hands cant get in.

4. Old tee-shirt or one of Daves that I never liked anyway.

The cleaning usually draws the neighbours in, I  dont think they can work us out at all, you just dont see them spending hours cleaning any of their vehicles, this is Aytaç showing Dave some good ol Turkish affection.

It always amazes me how dirty the bike gets, caked on mud everywhere, we quite happily spend a good 3 hours cleaning away, this however is only round 1, round 2 shall start tomorrow, I always manage to get covered head to foot in oil.

Monties beginning to look quite handsome again, abit more spit and polish he’ll look as good as new πŸ˜€


20 Responses to “It’s that time!!”

  1. Lovely and clean. If only mine were anywhere near as sparkly!

  2. montieandme Says:

    Bring it here SJAT i will clean it for you πŸ˜€

  3. You might want to reword the toothbrush/daves hands bit – I had strange thoughts…..

  4. montieandme Says:

    ? don’t get what you mean Nikos!! asked Dave but hes confused as well.

  5. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    I look really young photographed from above lol..



  6. montieandme Says:

    hahahahahahahaha yeh of course you do darling!!!!

  7. Blimey……….wondered who that handsome YOUNG slim guy was……….whoops, my lenses just slipped out……

    Nice and clean, ready to go out and get dirty on again!!

    • montieandme Says:

      πŸ˜€ Started reading your comment to dave and his little bond face lit up, and then I read the ending hahahaha
      Next time you get to clean it!!

  8. Nikos:

    I know what you meant and I was smiling a bit. I think those two are too straight.


    Nice job. I have to clean my bike soon. I started yesterday with the wheels and after I put everything away and checked they were still dirty. I shall have to use soap and water next time. The better alternative would be to just ride it to Turkey on the great Ocean Highway and let Linda do it for me


    I was also wondering who that handsome James Bond look-a-like was. I thought Linda had traded Dave in for someone younger. I’ll look again after I find my glasses

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      Thinking of starting a bike cleaning company, then all my fellow bloggers can come here to get their bikes cleaned πŸ˜‰
      Good luck in finding your glasses bob you really ARE blind without them arnt you!!!

  9. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    Your all just jealous …..AND the photos were taken in un-favorable harsh lighting!!!!

  10. Know what you mean Dave – that bright sunshine can be a little harsh!!

    Good idea Linda – – could make a good business!!!

  11. montieandme Says:

    Bev: lol Thanks for the link but don’t think I shall put that photo on my blog, think it will too much for the likes of Bob and Nikos!! πŸ™‚
    Now wheres my bikini and bucket!!!!

  12. Bev:

    it’s hard to tell what kind of bike that is. I tried but my eyes keep getting diverted.

    wanting for Linda to get her B&B (Bucket and B….i)

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  13. As soon as the water doesn’t freeze in the bucket here, I’ll be doing the same.

    • montieandme Says:

      Canajun: Still that cold where you are? not nice when the weather stops you from doing the jobs you want to get done.

  14. Hey Linda you’re going to have to keep an eye on Dave now……with his all new slim figure and good looks. Because some dude called Farty or Mehmet could be making his pom poms !!!!

  15. montieandme Says:

    haha well they cant have him, I need him to make my MM (Medical Milk) and cheese piggies πŸ˜€

  16. Looks great Linda! Nice job for cleaning the bikes, and hopefully you got out to ride in some nice weather as well!

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