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My name is Linda and I am a biker! Keep looking out for bikers when driving – we aren’t as easy to see as other cars and we are a lot more vulnerable!


Dual Control On Motorcycle

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This was a nice little find, it was originally printed in the Popular Mechanics in 1949, dual controls ummm never really caught on, but I do like the fact its a woman on the bike, wonder if she learnt to ride in 30 minutes…..


Had to add this to my blog purely because this bike  comes complete with windshield wipers, I’m thinking now Montie could do with some as well…

I’m staring at the back wheel, looks like a tyre and nothing else!!

And finally for something completely different, the  keyring for my motorbike fell to bits today so had to purchase a new one, thought this keyring was very appropriate, pity I couldn’t find it in black.

Bevs Small Vid of me and Montıe. lol

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Check out my previous post..see.. I do wear girlie clothes…sometimes 😉

Monties not flashing! with extras;)

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Montie seems to be having a problem with his indicators, they don’t work, completely dead,  Ian and Bev have arrived here from the UK, they are half way finishing their European Motorbike tour, and Ian happens to be a whizz when it comes to poorly bikes.


Of course when it comes to fixing bikes Ian will also jump at the chance, so tools in hand we set off to find why Montie is not flashing when he should.


Ian tracked the wires that were for the indicators, we had to take the seat and side panels off the bike to get to them and eventually he found the problem , the flasher relay unit was burnt out, we took the damaged unit to the Seni and managed to get a new one. I don’t like being without indicators so was relieved to have them up and running again.


Later that day we decided to go out for a ride, and of course this gave me the opportunity to test my ındicators were working properly, and I sure tested them, in fact I was so pleased to have them back, I accidentally forgot to turn them off, and Bev being my loyal friend, decided she would get her video camera out and film me….. thanks mate lol ….

Shall put a few pics of us out riding..


Just popped in to see Mick at his Villa..


Of course we gave them a special day out and took them to Bim cheapo Supermarket!



Back roads of Dalaman.. Bev thought sticking her tongue out would cool her down…


Ian had a few Efes and was elated (with them both being  football fans) found a footie game inside the efes box..hours of fun…


We know how to Entertain guests, as if Bim Supermarket wasn’t enough.

DSCF2611Ok so we did go out for a meal, you wont see this often, I have a girlie top on and look NO CONVERSE boots on!!! wanted to but thought best not eh lol

DSCF2610Here’s Bev and Ian… We went to Dalyan, was cooler in the evening and made a refreshing ride after such a hot day.

PIC_0035They left today around 10.30am, that’s Sat 22nd.. apartment seems very quiet now their gone lol…Biker Boris seems to of taken it quite badly…

DSCF2560Told him not get upset, its  always the kids that suffer!! Have a safe ride and have a great adventure Ian and Bev x


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0be31Happy Annıversary Beloved…


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Had to share this image with you guys, I love it 😉



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Since I have bought my Montie I have not seen our neighbours Motorbike,  he also has a Mondial 250 mct,   I was happy this morning to see him back  along with his bike, I’m thinking Montie is going to be very happy with his new playmate…


Here’s a closer shot of the Mondial in silver, I wanted the silver one originally but couldn’t find one, but I’m happy with the black version..


Thought while I’m here shall show you a pic of Micks bike, with Montie in as well of course, Micks has a Yamaha 650 Dragstar, very nice…


Was going to keep this blog short, but you know me 🙂 love to have a good old natter, so although I have bought  Montie, I thought I would show you some of the Mondials I reluctantly…. turned down. These are all Mondial mct 250’s that never quite got it right…


The leatherette look, thinking possible matching shoes and handbag with this one, if only it was black!!!


The custom made back seat, great …and of course the luxury of the rider having a back rest!


Ahh! now this one particularly caught my eye, the back rest and box that strangely reminds me of a rudder on a speed boat, a very nice touch…


Home made custom designs, don’t you just love them!! and just in case you haven’t grasped the full beauty of this beast, shall show you another close up…

15770643pvsBeautiful !!!

mctyansepetun0This is a personal favourite of mine, I was thinking I could take Dave out for a ride in the side car, if he behaves himself .. I actually like this one..


You wanna be the man around town with all the sound? nows ya chance, this man gives you step by step instructions so you can build your very own state of the art sound system..

15679289te4This Mondials here purely because I have never seen a yellow one before..well done you, you have truly upped the value of your bike..(original)…

Well I think you must agree that with a little bit of time and effort and alot of imagination your bike is your oyster!!!

Oh and you’ll all be thrilled to know I’m sure… Wobbly tummy has now left the house..all that bleaching paid off 🙂


Lance says : (I will say that I like the custom painted one (although don’t the guys on this look like the germs you just eradicated???)……

So I have put the germs  on the bike in question..They do look very similar , I can only assume  the germs are Tormenting me through Custom bikes !!!