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Yamaha XV535 Vırago

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Shhhh..dont tell Montie but I think I have found my next Motorbike, I know I’ve not had my Mondial for long, but for touring I really could do with abit more engine power, Dave suggested the Yamaha XV535 as its still quite a lightweight bike and easy to handle.

I’ m liking this bike very much, so here’s a bit of info just in case you didn’t know,

Top speed      100mph
1/4-mile acceleration     14.2 secs
Power     38bhp
Torque     32ftlb
Weight     182kg
Seat height     720mm
Fuel capacity     13.5 litres
Average fuel consumption     47mpg
Tank range     130 miles
Insurance group     8
Engine size     535cc
Engine specification     4v V-twin, 5 gears
Frame     Steel tubular spine
Front suspension adjustment     None
Rear suspension adjustment     Preload
Front brakes     298mm disc
Rear brake     Drum
Front tyre size     3.00 x 19
Rear tyre size     140/90 x 15

All looking good!! personally I think ıt was made for a 45 year old Cornish woman….

The XV535 Virago is where Yamaha started giving Harley-Davidson a run for their money: it was the first of their cruiser motorcycles and it certainly lasted well. The Yamaha XV535 is basic, trusted, easy to ride and with unchallenging but enjoyable performance.


Unchallenging, smooth, torque enough and reliable, the Yamaha XV535 engine’s been going since 1988 and there are plenty of XV535s still running today. In other words: it’s good. The Virago has enough pull low down and strong in the midrange but you’ve got to work it hard to reach top speeds (but that’s not what cruising’s about anyway).

Ride and Handling

The Yamaha XV535 Virago has good brakes, adequate suspension and a smooth gearbox (although it’s a bit clunky between first and second). Handling’s not sharp but it is stable and predictable, perfect for a motorcycle like this, although the front gets a bit frisky at the top of the rev range. The Yamaha XV535 Virago’s low centre of gravity makes for easy slow speed work. It also has pretty good ground clearance and narrow enough for easy manoeuvrability.


The Yamaha XV535 Virago has a clear, analogue speedo but no fuel light or rev counter. However, the reserve switch is on the bars, which is a bonus. Good mirrors but they do vibrate at high revs. The XV535’s plush seat is comfy but the pillion perch is tiny. Riding position not as “cruisery” as you’d expect: the pegs aren’t miles forward and you ride upright. This is not an extreme motorcycle so it’s very easy to get along with.

Quality and Reliability

Both mechanically and cosmetically, the Yamaha XV535 Virago is a highly regarded motorcycle and has the longevity of successful sales figures to prove it. Gripes are rare but include carb icing and corroding regulator/rectifiers but, on the whole, the Yamaha XV535 Virago is a solid motorcycle to buy. But keep that exposed V-twin and all that chrome in good nick to maintain value.


The Yamaha XV535 Virago is excellent value and there are plenty of good used ones around to choose from. The XV535 is a simple motorcycle to work on, it’ll save you money at the garage, and insurance is low too. On  the downside, fuel consumption’s patchy: thrash it and it won’t see 100 miles to a tankful. Shaft drives keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Model History

1988: Yamaha XV535 Virago was introduced with very similar spec to the later versions. The first model had a tiny, 8.6 litre, underseat fuel tank which was ditched later that year for a proper, 13.5 litre version.
1996: Minor update, including new mirrors, an improved gear box and extended mufflers.
2004: Yamaha XV535 Virago discontinued.

We are hoping to do quite a few more tours as there is still so many places we want to visit, Montie would get me there, but of course, us humans always want bigger and better especially where bikes are concerned!!



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Here you are Bob 🙂 you kinda suit a dress!!!!

Bevs Small Vid of me and Montıe. lol

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Check out my previous post..see.. I do wear girlie clothes…sometimes 😉

Monties not flashing! with extras;)

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Montie seems to be having a problem with his indicators, they don’t work, completely dead,  Ian and Bev have arrived here from the UK, they are half way finishing their European Motorbike tour, and Ian happens to be a whizz when it comes to poorly bikes.


Of course when it comes to fixing bikes Ian will also jump at the chance, so tools in hand we set off to find why Montie is not flashing when he should.


Ian tracked the wires that were for the indicators, we had to take the seat and side panels off the bike to get to them and eventually he found the problem , the flasher relay unit was burnt out, we took the damaged unit to the Seni and managed to get a new one. I don’t like being without indicators so was relieved to have them up and running again.


Later that day we decided to go out for a ride, and of course this gave me the opportunity to test my ındicators were working properly, and I sure tested them, in fact I was so pleased to have them back, I accidentally forgot to turn them off, and Bev being my loyal friend, decided she would get her video camera out and film me….. thanks mate lol ….

Shall put a few pics of us out riding..


Just popped in to see Mick at his Villa..


Of course we gave them a special day out and took them to Bim cheapo Supermarket!



Back roads of Dalaman.. Bev thought sticking her tongue out would cool her down…


Ian had a few Efes and was elated (with them both being  football fans) found a footie game inside the efes box..hours of fun…


We know how to Entertain guests, as if Bim Supermarket wasn’t enough.

DSCF2611Ok so we did go out for a meal, you wont see this often, I have a girlie top on and look NO CONVERSE boots on!!! wanted to but thought best not eh lol

DSCF2610Here’s Bev and Ian… We went to Dalyan, was cooler in the evening and made a refreshing ride after such a hot day.

PIC_0035They left today around 10.30am, that’s Sat 22nd.. apartment seems very quiet now their gone lol…Biker Boris seems to of taken it quite badly…

DSCF2560Told him not get upset, its  always the kids that suffer!! Have a safe ride and have a great adventure Ian and Bev x

Tubbie or not to be..that is the question…

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See here’s the thing, Dave and I are middle aged..not old.. but not as young as we were, if you get my meaning, now strange things start to happen to ones body at our time of life which most men..oops did I say men, I meant to say men and (cough) women seem to have problems with. One of these dilemmas happen to be the putting on of flub, for those of you who don’t know the word flub, cause its a Linda word I mean (fat), now I’m sure there’s a good reason for this, maybe its insulation for the Winter.

I happen to notice that since we have been back off tour beloved has gained somewhat unnecessary amounts of flub, now I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I have always been known for being caring, sensitive and loving, so with this in mind I decided to gently confront beloved.

epa1629lOn this occasion however, I decided the direct approach….

See now you all think I’m nasty, look I’ve read the books done all the research, ı’ve even bought some new scales, apparently its all in the planning, they call it a BALANCED DIET.. I understand now….


Start simple they said so I did, without informing beloved I started to put one sugar in his tea instead of 2 (and buy the way he has 2 cups per time, one in a very big mug), of course he noticed straight away, but I informed him I was chief tea maker and it was for his own good, little did I know I in fact  have a..well how can I put this, a sugar junkie as a husband, the moan swings the uncontrollable shaking the screams of pain the..sorry getting carried away here…. anyway…

I was going to have to act quick,, too harsh, rehab… no, don’t have one here, there’s only one thing for it, I shall have to tackle this on my own… every time beloved went into the kitchen to make tea I crawled ninja style to keep watch, and yes my suspicions were right, he WAS putting in 2 SUGARS in each mug!!!!

For just this event  I had a back up plan….


He will thank me in time, this I am sure… so next on the agenda , KEEPING FIT… the idea was I would go shopping into town and Dave would come up with ideas of how he would like to keep fit, and tell me his findings on my return, I thought I would give him this chance to redeem himself…


This as it turned out was NOT going to work….

Fear not for I have bought wholemeal brown bread and diet cream cheese with tomatoes, hes gonna love this, and fruit tea…

Hes just not getting with the programme cause he made this grunting sound and then looked at me as though I had 2 heads when I gave him lunch, I shall refrain from throwing anything at him because hes obviously going through cold Turkey.

Beloved suggested maybe walking, ok I can do walking, so next trip into town we abandoned our bikes and set off in 36c heat with the humidity enough to constıtute looking like ı’ve just been in a shower, now how on earth am I going to get out of this one!


Hes clearly delireous cause he was enjoying it, maybe I have pushed him over the edge, shall have to read my ” pushing husbands over the edge” manual when I get home.

Hes sitting at his desk looking really smug, shall give him chick peas and lentils for his dinner, then we shall see who’s flub controller around here!!

Dave of course is having other ideas over the dinner department…..


Some people you just cant help!!!!!!!