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Posted in ANIMATION with tags on January 1, 2010 by Linda's Life ;D

With all this work going on with photography and playing with numerous programmes I decided to try out animation, with a bit of research and a lot of patience it’s really not that difficult, I tried a couple of ways, first I tried drawing a basic stick woman, taking a photo and repeating this 6 or so times drawing the woman in different poses, for this experiment I just repeated the same 6 over and over again, I could of course of drawn 40 different poses but since this was just an experiment I didn’t bother, then loaded them onto my lappy and ı’m away. I used Windows Movie Maker keeping it as simple as possible.

I decided to get abit more adventurous, this time I used free hand drawing on Windows Paint, this is not easy, however because I dont have a proper while board its easier to rub out and add on. I took my images and edited them on Movie Maker, finding sound effects was not as easy as I thought, sure they have loads of farting and burping sounds to download, but to get free sounds that I was after took a while and its still not what I had in mind. When I tried to load the finished video on Vimeo it wouldn’t take ,I ‘m trying again, it has however loaded on Youtube.

So heres my 2nd attempt, yeh I know its short and not the best animated vid in the world haha, but I rather enjoyed it and shall have a go at abit more an advanced one next   🙂