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A day out with our friends :)

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Its a grand day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, lets go on a picnic. My neighbours Denise, Phyllis and Jemera took their car while Dave and I rode our bikes. Denise wanted to show us where she worked so we rode to Serigerme which is only 15 minutes from where we live. Montie has been playing up abit lately, I have noticed the gear lever keeps sticking every now and then, today as we went to ride up a steep hill he gave up on me, two Turkish security men came out and gave me a hand, we parked him up and I jumped on Daves bike  telling Montie exactly what I thought of his behavior!!

This is where Denise works as a manager,  parts of it looks like a castle,  we had a tour around, think I shall bring my case with me next time and take up residency here 🙂

The Hotel was beautiful, I now want to be a holiday maker, the views were amazing, time for a cupper, the waiter Gurcan was a sweetie and made me a lovely cup of coffee.

Looking out over Serigerme beach from the Hotel.

There was no holiday makers in the Hotel yet they all arrive in a week, so we had the run of the place for an hour, it was getting near lunch time so off to inspect Montie and see what lame excuse he had.

The security men were waiting and told me that they had inspected the bike and saw that my gear lever had come away, the bolt had actually snapped off and the lever hanging down, no worries they said and one went off to find a new bolt, minutes later he arrived and fixed it for me, giving it a test run and handing it back to me.

This is one of the most wonderful things I love about Turkey, people always help you when you have problems with your bike no matter where you are. (lovin his baseball boots do believe they are the same as mine but in red) 😀

Denise’s daughter Jemera

Waiting for my bike to get fixed, oh its a hard life!!!

Now how about that picnic, off to the beach to find a nice shady spot, Montie seems to be working ok for now!!!!

Serigerme was quiet, as we were about to leave people started turning up so that was good timing, there’s a bridge we have mentioned on previous blogs in Dalaman which is 75 years old today and they were having abit of a do there, needs investigating, the roads were terrible to get there, ok for Dave on his Transalp and Denise in her car, poor old Montie really does not like off road and I got soaked riding through pot holes full of water, still any excuse to get to play in the mud lol

There was a tent up and music, but as it was getting abit late and we wanted to pop in to see Denises family before heading back home we turned round.

Time for a few cuppers and another bite to eat at Denises mum and dads home.

My adopted Turkish mum 😀

Had a great day with good friends, now of course I have another busy day tomorrow!!!

Pass the bucket and polish!!!!