Skys of Turkey

I can never resist not grabbing for my camera when I see the skys so beautiful as this, I have so many photos of the sunset, but tonight at 5.10pm whilst on my balcony this sunset I am sure you will agree is especially beautiful.

The fire breathing dragon is dancing in the sky,
With flames so bright and breath so hot ı saw him flying by,

With puffs of smoke and blazing rods that shone across the Mountains,
And trails of blue and orange were spraying out like fountains,

I shouted from my balcony, please come and let me fly,
I want to dance among the clouds and touch the blazing sky,

But as I watched he flew away and the flames were turning black,
Tomorrow night I hope to find that my dragon has come back.

By Me 😉

Natural Beauty at its best 🙂


4 Responses to “Skys of Turkey”

  1. Linda:

    Yes, I agree . . . beautiful . You have a photographic eye

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Lovely Linda! Did you use a sunset scene position setting on the camera?

  3. montieandme Says:

    No I never had a chance to fiddle with any of the settings on my camera Nikos, the photos I took have not been enhanced at all, its as I saw it, you have to be quick because the skys to not stay that colour for long, I have always loved looking at the clouds and the sky.

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