The Woman Song…

I gave you the Man Song, so just to show you how fair I am….. I give you… THE WOMAN SONG!!!


7 Responses to “The Woman Song…”

  1. Another youtube?

    But it’s a woman song… zzzzzzzzz

  2. montieandme Says:

    you wont understand if you cant see it…john change your ıp addy!!!!! then you CAN watch youtube……. while your there change your writing back to English on your blog, most the people that read it are ENGLİSH….hahahaha

  3. Quite correct – what’s next ?

  4. montieandme Says:

    Hello Nikos 🙂 You never can tell whats next with me Nıkos, of course I am totally NOT like the woman in the song 😉

  5. Linda:

    I just loved your video. You are so creative, Dave is sooooo lucky. You cook, you clean, you ride, you make videos, you are just perfect.

    bob xox
    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

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