3.15am.. Got woken up by what I can only describe as giving very small children saucepans and wooden spoons and getting them to bang them together, probably a whole class of kids, oh! and letting them blow those horrid plastic horns kids get given at parties, alas this was not the case , its Ramadan here and the Turks were out banging and hooting to wake everybody up so they can eat before the sun rises, this goes on until Saturday 19th Sep..thanks!!..Good Morning Turkey…..

3.30am…Think they feel they have woken everbody up as I can hear the wailing getting further away, although my ears are still banging, the blowing of the horns are getting distant, I wonder how many People actually abide by this and get up to eat..ı’m thinking not many..

7.30am… Here we go again, its the Mosque now, we have several Mosques near us, wish they could sing out in unison, but nah!! each one yelling out the same things, but a few minutes difference between them, might as well get up.

8.30am… Crawl into the kitchen and put kettle on, it has no lid as the screws fell out, lost them and then the lid went astray, its ok just got to be careful you don’t steam ya hand off whilst pouring… computer on and checkout the papers..

9am.. Not alot to report here, usual brain dead stars trying to get attention by either..a..Getting legless b. Taking off their clothes or c. Drugs… I tried that when I was a teenager, I got attention all right off my parents!!

9.30… TV on ”check” daves pc on ”check” kettle back on ”check” now the bit I enjoy…curtains back and a big..WAKE UP..MORNING..haha highlight of my day, beloved falls out of bed, I balance him on his legs, point him to the bathroom and with a few creaks and cracks he stumbles away…

10am.. Abit of a crisis this Morning as Dave made me ciggie Monitor yesterday and I bought the wrong cigs, right colour packet..wrong brand, I’m just not cut of to be a ciggie Monitor…so off to town early.

11am.. See they have stacked up the gravel outside the gate again, makes a fun ride, off to the shops, saw an old lady riding a scooter trike, they call it a Rabbit, thinking I may race her but by the look of her, she may well win.

12.00. Off to see Mick and his dogs, Mick was abit unhappy as he had just got the legs of his beautiful wooden garden funiture fixed after Simba his dog had gnawed his way through them, and low and behold they are all chewed up again, still takes his mind off all the holes they have been digging in the garden, they have found a new game, lets see how many plants we can dig up!!

1pm.. Off home as Dave has to get on with his shares, I have decided I shall wash the sleeping bags that we used for touring, still not been washed since we came back…

1.20pm..Wish I had NOT opened the sleeping bags!!  did we really sleep in these, ı’m sure we didn’t smell that bad…

2.30..Bored so I shall moan at Dave for a while, always a good passtime, I always have my hormones to blame it on if it back fires.


4pm.. Make dinner… shall create a masterpiece…

4.30… Pasta

6pm… Stood looking out the window at the fantastic sunset over the Mountains, always makes me feel lucky, shouted Dave to come over, he didn’t want to, so talked endlessly about the view until he was so fed up of me wittering on he came over ( plan worked) and all he said was ” ITS A MOUNTAIN” I give up…

7pm… EMERGENCY!!! Computer has a virus and I cant get rid of it ahhhhh! the end of the world is near… Dave Sweeps into action and finds a new anti-virus programme.. I scanned my computer several times until I was sure it was all fixed, a heart stopping moment there…..

7.30pm.. Can hear noises coming from the kitchen cupboard, I’m sure its my packet of biscuits shouting for me..

8pm..feel sick….

9pm…Thinking I may do a blog about my day today, may take my mind off my biscuit tummy…..

10.20pm… Told Dave about my blog.. he  said ”but we haven’t done anything today”

Has he gone completely mad!! we had a Rock Concert in the early hours, rode on dangerous gravel, survived visiting 3 wild dogs, and fought off numerous viruses…




37 Responses to “A DAY DIARY…..”

  1. Linda:

    Finally, a glimpse into your action packed day. I could go for some Lasagne right now. I know you are a good cook. (Dave told me so). Better than the corn flakes he made you the other day.
    I’m amazed that he can snap his fingers and you have to ride Montie into town to exchange the ciggies.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. montieandme Says:

    I know its none stop here Bob… No he came with me to town as he didn’t trust me to be ciggie monitor again 😦
    He actually made himself, cornflakes with hot water abit of milk and chocolate pudding poured over it for supper… no comment….

  3. Linda my girl, you outdone yourself with this write up..what a fantastic idea you had to do this post…now we know you’re for real….
    Oh, Before I forget…Ramadan Kareem…you should try fasting with them, that way you’d be ready for the early morning music…
    I love pasta myself…having Borsch (Soup) tonight…the missus is Russian and her Pasta is probably as good as Dave’s cornflakes.
    Glad Montie isn’t giving you any more trouble…save a cookie for the mice

    • montieandme Says:

      Hi there Baron… yep I’m real, in fact Daves says theres only room for one Linda like me in this world umm..think thats a good thing lol
      I could fast easily BUT.. don’t think Dave could needs feeding regularly haha…
      Glad you enjoyed my day Diary, and have left a cookie for the mice…

  4. If Dave says that, it’s because you’re pretty special to him…there could only be one Linda.
    Re Virus: have you been surfing porn channels lol? cause that’s where they propagate from mostly.. I use the NORTON anti virus program and it is frequently updated automatically…lemme tell ya, nothing can go past it..it stops every and any virus that knocks on the door for supper or cookies or pasta…lol worth considering…Have re-read your post…yeah I think he’s gone mad…you’ve had a full day of riding, cooking, relaxing, eating and more eating…lol
    great post

  5. montieandme Says:

    We have put on ESET NOD32 ANTI VIRUS, Meant to be good, working so far,
    we have had Norton in the past, ,f this one fails we shall try Norton again. thanks for that.
    Glad you are on my side about our fun packed day lol…

  6. to be honest with you, I have never heard of: ESET NOD32 ANTI VIRUS, but will look it up..always like to learn something new.Thanks..

  7. Sorry for interuption:


    Russian eh ? Can I put my order in for Perogies, my favourite. Nothing fancy, I’m not fussy, potato and cheese , or sour cream with onions. Perhaps half of each and let me know when I can come by to pick it up. you do provide take out don’t you LOL


    Poor Dave is wasting away, Poor boy had to make his own cornflakes with milk. Are you trying to starve him to death ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  8. montieandme Says:

    Starve Dave!!! lol…. you forgot the chocolate pudding on his cornflakes…

  9. Does Dave have any share tips?

  10. montieandme Says:

    You would have to ask Dave that, but at these troubled times and the market only just coming back, you have to know what your doing when it comes to shares.

  11. Hmm. I am awakened during the dark hours usually by being pushed out of bed by two lurchers who are convinced they’re human. And more important than me…

    • montieandme Says:

      Oh dear is your mrs still kicking you out of bed SJAT to see if they are still breathing, or to take them outside lol… and what makes you think they are not more important than you hahaha

  12. bob, the perrogies you see here at Safeway and so on are not the real deal…lol… We make peroshkies which are stuffed with browned ground meat, onions, garlic and spices and deep fried…

    Linda…better feed Dave…as bob says he’s wasting away…

    • montieandme Says:

      Dave wasting away, no no I feed him on a regular basis and usually make enough to feed an army…chocolate pudding cornflake time soon ”sigh”

  13. Baron via Linda:

    Now I can’t get peroshkies off my mind. Pick a nice russian/ukrainian restaurant somewhere and lets go for dinner sometime soon. Yes, Dave and Linda, this includes YOU TWO TOO.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  14. Linda,
    I’m sure you can find one if you looked hard enough…if not, we’ll just have to come over to your place for Dave’s famous cornflakes
    bob…yes, we’ll do as soon as I look better

  15. Well had a little bad luck and ended up going down with edge of my head hitting the side walk…Was too late when I saw it coming…consequently damaged the lower jaw and lost most of my lower plate teeth…..so I’;ll have to have a lower denture…yuck…otherwise all OK…no worries…no panic.

  16. montieandme Says:

    Gracious Baron, you never said anything, did you come off your bike or just fall over? I do hope you are ok..you should of told me then I could fuss over you like an old mother hen lol…

    hey at least with dentures you wont need fillings!!! hope you don’t have to wait too long to get them fixed.x

  17. Linda:

    could you please send some of your “old mother hen” fuss over me stuff too. I’m feeling a little left out. Baron first, get him satisfied, then I’m next . . .

    Baron: I meant it, anything you need just “say the word”, I’ll be over straight away (see, I’m learning UK jabberish) mate. My Wee wants to go everywhere. I could pick up a box of corn flakes and some chocolate pudding along the way and we could dine “DAVE” style.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      Got to lose ya bottom teeth first Bob to get the mother hen treatment lol
      and what do you mean by UK Jabberish haha?
      OK OK Come over and Dave will (cook) as he puts it.. cornflake cuisine!!!

    • montieandme Says:

      Apparently Dave has put his cornflake recipe on his page for you all… hahahaha

  18. Thanks Linda…I don’t like to spread panic during the riding season…God knows there’s enough of it going around..I’ll make a post on it after the riding season is over..showing some pictures of what I looked like, the damaged helmet, etc…
    Luckily it wasn’t too bad… The guy in a cage suddenly swerved and cut in front me, consequently I skidded and ended up on the pavement…no big deal really.
    Thanks for the concern though

    • montieandme Says:

      Your very lucky, makes sense now why your telling me to slow down and be careful, sooo glad you were not hurt badly, I was cut up by a car the other day happened so fast, luckily I was going slow and managed to slam on my brake.
      Please take care out there some crazy drivers about…

  19. bob,
    I appreciate it, nothing can be done for now except wait…everything will be just fine, no worries. Thanks bob

  20. Well said Linda…LMAO…you’re right..he’s gotta lose them first…lol

  21. Thanks Linda…you do the same…be careful

    • Baron
      I’ll send you some of my Grand Ma’s avgo lemono soup to aid recovery!
      Where you wearing a full face helmet when the malakas carved you up?
      Best wishes from Mrs N and me too!
      ps Thanks Linda for providing this splendid near real time chat room for our community of nice people !

  22. montieandme Says:

    No problem Nikos, maybe I should make my blog a chat room 😉

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