Bevs Small Vid of me and Montıe. lol

Check out my previous post..see.. I do wear girlie clothes…sometimes 😉


8 Responses to “Bevs Small Vid of me and Montıe. lol”

  1. Well clearly your flasher is working – but it seems to be wired so only the right side flashes, even when turning left!

  2. montieandme Says:

    haha I left the right indicator on Canajun by mistake, when turning left I didn’t indicate..(bad girl) picking up too many bad habits living here in Turkey! I realized when I finally did indicate left 😉

  3. Linda:

    At least you signaled your right turn well in advance. If Ian & Bev was behind you, then where was Dave ? Did you leave him behind to do all the housework and cleaning ?

    This must be deja vu, Yesterday I thought that you had edited the prev blog entry and put your video in there, and now I see you have made it a different post. I’m still rubbing my eyes wondering if I was losing my mind.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. montieandme Says:

    lol Dave do HOUSEWORK!!! hahahahahahaha..NO he was busy doing his shares at home.

    I could tell you Bob that you actually have lost your mind and ıt was never on my previous blog..but I wont, the video, for some reason was having problems working, so I posted it again and it seems to be ok now.

  5. We finally got to see a real Movie Star…You leave those Hollywood starlets in the dust… aren’t you going much too fast for these roads…? you trying to kill yourself?…just cause Dave refused to do the cleaning…?

  6. montieandme Says:

    You kiddin about the speed I was going? too fast..I was barely moving lol Jesus you would be in for a shock if you saw the way the Turks ride here, they leave me in the dust!!

  7. Linda, may have been an optical illusion then…on the vid, it looks like your flying by going fast…just because some turkey is going fast don’t mean you have to too…lol
    Did the drummers wake you up again at 3:00 this morning?

    • montieandme Says:

      Now I know why you have been nagging me to slow down!! I was not going fast really, I dont..I shall be careful…
      Yes heard them again this morning but managed to fall back to sleep.

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