Monties not flashing! with extras;)

Montie seems to be having a problem with his indicators, they don’t work, completely dead,  Ian and Bev have arrived here from the UK, they are half way finishing their European Motorbike tour, and Ian happens to be a whizz when it comes to poorly bikes.


Of course when it comes to fixing bikes Ian will also jump at the chance, so tools in hand we set off to find why Montie is not flashing when he should.


Ian tracked the wires that were for the indicators, we had to take the seat and side panels off the bike to get to them and eventually he found the problem , the flasher relay unit was burnt out, we took the damaged unit to the Seni and managed to get a new one. I don’t like being without indicators so was relieved to have them up and running again.


Later that day we decided to go out for a ride, and of course this gave me the opportunity to test my ındicators were working properly, and I sure tested them, in fact I was so pleased to have them back, I accidentally forgot to turn them off, and Bev being my loyal friend, decided she would get her video camera out and film me….. thanks mate lol ….

Shall put a few pics of us out riding..


Just popped in to see Mick at his Villa..


Of course we gave them a special day out and took them to Bim cheapo Supermarket!



Back roads of Dalaman.. Bev thought sticking her tongue out would cool her down…


Ian had a few Efes and was elated (with them both being  football fans) found a footie game inside the efes box..hours of fun…


We know how to Entertain guests, as if Bim Supermarket wasn’t enough.

DSCF2611Ok so we did go out for a meal, you wont see this often, I have a girlie top on and look NO CONVERSE boots on!!! wanted to but thought best not eh lol

DSCF2610Here’s Bev and Ian… We went to Dalyan, was cooler in the evening and made a refreshing ride after such a hot day.

PIC_0035They left today around 10.30am, that’s Sat 22nd.. apartment seems very quiet now their gone lol…Biker Boris seems to of taken it quite badly…

DSCF2560Told him not get upset, its  always the kids that suffer!! Have a safe ride and have a great adventure Ian and Bev x


25 Responses to “Monties not flashing! with extras;)”

  1. I just hate it when you expect a flash and … nothing!

    Glad Montie’s back in proper trim though.

    • montieandme Says:

      Thanks Canajun. Monties flashing all over the place ..only a matter of time before hes arrested by the police 🙂

  2. Bad relay…that’s going to happen often on a bike like yours…so better have a couple of spares…these bikes do not like rain or water. I bought junior a made in China Scooter…and I do regret it…if it’s not one thing…it’s the other…almost as bad as the Airbus or even the Jaguar…take it for a ride…come home and fix it….!
    Cheers luv

    • montieandme Says:

      Yes I’m beginning to see that Baron, but you get what you pay for, shall get a couple of spares just in case. Have a new noise to worry about now 🙂 hope its not the starter clutch…

  3. Linda:

    I must say that you are very lucky indead to have found a mechanic from the UK willing to ride his Tiger to make a house visit to repair your relay. Are you able to replace that mechanical one for an electronic one which is more reliable ?

    That picture of the 4 of you, I was wondering who took it ?

    anyway, glad you are all having a good time getting re-acquainted with each other.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      That was an electric Relay I had in that burnt out, I have replaced it with another electric one, Ian says his call out charge is 2000 petrol and labor costs, BARGAİN!!!

      That photo was taken by Mick our mate, we had just been visited him.

      Its great to have them both here 😉

  4. Wish they were calling via here. My bike (who is curiously unnamed) has picked up a rattle that sounds like a steel drum full of tin cans being rolled down a hill. It’s worrying, but I don’t have the cash to have it seen to at the mo.

  5. montieandme Says:

    Call yourself a biker SJAT!! Why you haven’t even named your bike!!!
    know what you mean my bike has got a new noise..hoping the men will take a look at it for me 🙂

    • I think mine shall be named ‘Flunky’. Partially because it is, but mostly because the word is onomatopoeic and perfectly describes the sounds mine now makes. I may take it apart this weekend and probably discover the CIA tracking device contained within.

  6. Linda:

    About your new noise. Does it creak when you sit on Montie ?

    I still can’t understand why your indicator relay burnt out. I read somewhere that Turks don’t use their signals. If they work perfectly NOW, and you don’t use them anymore, then your problem is solved.

    and I hear that Bev wants to try on those 3 things you purchased. Please have your camera ready


    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      No does not creak when I sit on Montie Bob…dont think I weigh enough for that haha….Montie is running alot better now 🙂

  7. Linda,
    If the electronic relay failed…it could be:
    1- The bike was parked outside for a long time by its previous owner who wasn’t riding it anymore, according to your previous post and condensation set in and some contacts rusted, eventually causing it to short after yoy bought the bike and used it…possibility…ask the expensive mechanic Ian…
    2- You have an intermitent short on that circuit which when it shorts, it will pop the relay…
    I’d say wait and see what happens in the next few rides…but if you’re going anywhere far…might be a good idea to have a spare one just in case, unless Dave can tweak the wiring when it happens
    Cjeers luv

    • montieandme Says:

      Hi Baron, went out today for a short ride and heard the same noise again but far less, this is with the new relay in, we think its because there was not enough oil in the bike and the clutch basket was too dry. Now the bike has been topped up with oil the clutch basket will be more lubricated.

      Shall wait and see what happens in the next few weeks!

      Thanks for the advice always welcome.

  8. Great day out at the Supermarket!!!! Thanks

  9. Linda,
    good luck…I hope things get better, nothing more dissapointing than having your ride break down on you…especially when you’re out there riding
    Keep us posted on developments.

    • montieandme Says:

      Thanks Baron, will keep you posted, fingers crossed alls well again, good job the breaks work well cause a Turk pulled out right in front of me yesterday, wasn’t looking where he was going, abit close to say the least!!

  10. Linda:

    I’m like you. Everything I have must function perfectly or I go into stress mode. Even if something makes a strange sound, I have to check it out. In your case, you are very lucky to have found a mechanic from the UK who makes house calls.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  11. Hello Linda – nice post, and glad Montie is acting OK again. A good mechanic is worth his or her weight in gold, so go ahead an pay Ian his 2000 GBP!

  12. Oh, and if you stop by my blog, you will see that I prefer British motorcycles over Chinese.

  13. and here i am hoping for some extra flashing 😉 great blog!! say hello to monte for me…

  14. Hiya Linda
    Having a great time – still here!!! In Spain at the mo – not far from Barcelona – been hard finding internet but finally found one on campsite so getting my euros worth! Been to some fab places – Ians getting fed up but me not! hahaha

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