Couldn’t resist making a short vid using my fav song, wait for the end 😉


4 Responses to “LOVING THIS SONG”

  1. You kidding me or what….that’s a great video…Thank you for sharing it with us…knowing full well we will eventually make jokes …where did you learn to pose like that?…
    You’re great and should teach Dave how to blog…my bud is so dated…you leave him in the dust…all kidding apart you are a lovely wonderful couple and I consider it a privelege to know you folks….
    BTW…where and when did you learn to ride? I think I might have missed that detail…and I mean riding motorcycles…
    You guy are cool and you rock Babe…!

    • montieandme Says:

      Awwww Thanks Baron, pose haha I dont know about that at 5ft 11, I intend to have bad posture, gran always used to tell me off!!
      Joke away I love it, life’s far too serious 😉
      I learnt to ride a Motorbike many moons back in my teenage years, I hung about with bikers, (much to my parents disgust) also my brother and dad rode, I was abit of a wild child, but that soon stopped when I ended up having 5 children, ( yes I feel another joke coming on) a Motorbike would of been cheaper!!! Its easier to ride in the Uk, very different here, but hey!! once a wild child always a wild child……

  2. Baron beat me to it, but I too like how you pose for pictures – you seem very natural, and the composition of the pics is very well done. Nice video, and I watched to the end, and that is so true!

  3. montieandme Says:

    Thanks Lance, I don’t actually pose for photos as such, I’m afraid what you see is what you get !…

    I did this video a while back, I decided to update the photos, I love putting photos to good music.

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