As you may well know I have been some what unwell these past few days, and although I have been a martyr and struggled endlessly to cook my dearest husbands dinner, pass him the remote control for HIS fan when asked, I am pleased to announce I am now recovering nicely, ın fact I thought maybe a ride on Montie today is just what I need, and as I peered over the balcony he was indeed looking a bit neglected…


He was well upset when I got to him, I’d  not ridden him for a few  days…..Oh I knew he was sulking because when I tried to start him up he spluttered which in bike language means (bugger off) I tried several times but no, just spluttered even more, I tried the walking away as if I don’t care approach, nah! tried the, I’m going to sell your shiny black ass if you don’t budge approach…nah! then the tearful It wasn’t my fault I was really ill approach …I think I saw a little flicker of head lights glow as when I tried him again giving him some more throttle he started up..

He wouldn’t start because of a common problem here in Summer, petrol evaporates from the carburettor, We have had this problem with alot of our bikes and scooters in the heat if you don’t ride them regularly and leave them parked in the sun.

Copy of PIC_1321

Off for a ride, not far as the temperatures are soring, did our ritual shopping and then headed up near the Mountains, why is it when I’m riding along I always end up on a very narrow road with a Sunday driver, purposely I swear going 10miles per hour… good job I don’t feel any road rage brewing…


Thought I would show you a photo of our new Mosque, its the biggest in Dalaman. I’ve not actually seen many folk going in and out, maybe they still hav’nt finished building yet, after all its only been under construction for 3 years!! we were thinking of buying a villa years ago opposite where the Mosque is now, really glad  the villa in question was full of damp, would of been really noisy listening to the Mosque man screaming away 5 times a day through his tanoid..


Pic of Moi outside the Mosque.


Off home again, my tee shirt looks like it should be in a wet tee shirt competition I’m sweating that much, sooo uncool when your in your 40’s..

And now for something completely different….

Playing with fire..


Mirror view

Hanging around

cartoon me

Cartoon time

Don’t you just love playing with photos!!!

PS… Would like to thank everybody who took the time to sign my Guest Book..and of course Brains from Tracy Island :p  and no that wasn’t me 😉

PPS. Have been asked for a wet tee-shirt photo? mind boggles why…anyway here it is…


One wet tee-shirt, hope you like it 😉

comments later:

Apparently this is STILL not good enough as complaints have been made saying that the tee-shirt is in fact EMPTY…

So once again, I do aim to please on my blog….


Boris my 40yr old bear was not too happy about dressing up as a woman, so please (bear) that in mind, I hope now you are all satisfied 🙂


21 Responses to “RECOVERY RIDE….”

  1. Linda:

    you are soooooo talented. Just love what you did to those pictures.

    and WHAT NO pictures of the WET T-shirt ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Did someone mention a wet t shirt???

  3. montieandme Says:

    Wet tee-shirt pic coming up!!!!

  4. Not that I’m the complaining sort….but it looks like Daves Y Fronts???

  5. montieandme Says:

    No pleasing some folk!!!!!! nah he wears baggy boxers lol

  6. Linda:

    something’s gravely wrong with my monitor !!

    That T-shirt is EMPTY . I rubbed my eyes a few times . . . still nothing

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. montieandme Says:

    EMPTY!! OH THAT WONT DO SOOOO SORRY..hang on…shall put another photo up straight away…

  8. Linda, excellent post as usual. I like your picture effects. I have a similar problem with my scoots when I don’t ride them for a bit. Someone once told me that carburetors need to be exercised regularly, or they gum up – sounds like a good reason to go out for a ride!

    • montieandme Says:

      I shall have to start covering my Bike Lance to try and keep direct sun off , I don’t have a shady spot or a garage here, I should really of gone out everyday and started him up or got Dave to do it whilst I was ill.

      • Sorry to hear that you were ill – being ill in the heat is no fun at all. I am glad you are better. I am sure Montie will appreciate a shady spot!

  9. Boris was probably more upset about wearing that gay hat…

    • montieandme Says:

      Nikos you have no taste what so ever, hence us women have to decide what men wear…

      • Linda

        you win!

      • montieandme Says:

        I THANK YOU 🙂

      • Brains says:

        Yooooouuuu wwwwwwiiiiiiinnn

        in a faux transaltantic geek sort of way.

      • montieandme Says:

        NOOOO Not Brains as well, what about reinforcements ,Scott, pilot of Thunderbird 1.Virgil, pilot of TB2.or Alan, pilot of TB3.or Gordon, aquanaut of TB4.or John, operator of space station TB5.or Jeff, the father.

        I suppose Lady Penelope, the London agent.would of course been on my side as would her faithful chauffeur.Parker,

        Shame on you brains, you are not the puppet I thought you were :p

      • Oh yes I am -;)

  10. From reading your stunning responses to the heaps of guy comments on Dave’s recent post about the fan, I must admit that we can all but try, but you will win in the end!!!

  11. Linda:

    GULP, ah hemmm . . . (in a tiny, meek voice)
    Gulp again . . .

    “you win”

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  12. Well YOUNG Lady:

    Did you go out for a ride today to exercise your carburetors ?

    I’m impatiently waiting for more pictures of your stunning Turkish landscape, or is it just better to give up on living and just sit in front of your manual operated fan, while lying on your sofa ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      Yes Bob, I took my carburetors and Montie for a ride out today, no where exciting though, if I could get Montie up the stairs or in the lift, he could join me on the sofa AHHH BLİSS!!!

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