Wıth temperatures soring, I prize myself away from the sacred fan, today I was not going to wait until 2pm (the hottest time of day) like  some  sadistic Marta, before I ventured out, shopping plus a visit to Micks was the order of the day. Decided to try and find a pair of sandals that didn’t fall off my feet every time I change gear, trouble here is I have paddles for feet and the majority of Turkish woman are NOT 5ft 11 with size 40 feet!! so I took my paddles and tried on a couple of pairs, not only did they not fit properly but they wanted 50Lira for them, in the market they are 10 Lira..shall wait till market day and try and find a mans pair that fit.


The roads are very dry and dusty, they do insist on putting more and more gravel down, makes the riding abit more interesting I suppose!!


Shopping done, and by the way Dave allows me 10minutes tops if I’m lucky in any shop, If I’m not at the till when he gets there he leaves, he not only despises shopping but for some unknown reason I cant think of, seems to think I buy things that could be deemed as unnecessary!!!


I put my shorts on today in a vain bid to try and get a tan on my legs, I look like a dolly mixture, top half brown , bottom half white, the bike does get abit hot and I think I’m just going to end up with legs full of burns instead…


Meet Simba, Saber and Zous, Simba and Saba are Kangals, they are still pups about 7 months old, Simba is a full Kangal and when fully grown, standing on back legs up straight, will easily be able to eye ball a 6 ft man, Saber is half breed but will still grow more, Zous is an old boy at 10 years, very beautiful and takes alot of flake the youngsters dish out, but he lets them know when hes had enough!!


Saber the soppier one.


Complete with slobber and dog hairs its time for home and do all that exciting wifey stuff like cooking and cleaning, cant wait!!


Dave practicing his arty shots, not bad considering he was riding along at the time, think I shall get a shower when I get home I keep getting a strong wiff of wet dog and sweat as I ride along …nice…


13 Responses to “ITS A DOGS LIFE”

  1. I will, of course, have to stop reading your blog as it’s making me insanely jealous of your lifestyle!

    • montieandme Says:

      hahahaha Oh its not all roses I can assure you SJAT, there are many advantages living here as well as alot of disadvantages, thank you for your comment and If I promise to do a blog of me looking really miserable and telling you how horrid it is here …will you come back 😉

  2. Linda:
    I too envy your life style. Wake up, play all day, then go home exhaused. I think I am like Dave, I dislike “window” shopping. If I need anything I just grab what I need and leave. I think women are born to shop, and there are just never enough shoes or sandals.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • montieandme Says:

      Actually Bob I would much rather shop for biker gear than shoes or sandals any day.. don’t wear posh clothes have no use for them, don’t wear posh shoes cause cant ride my bike wearing them…I am truly a cheap wife to keep 😉

  3. Inexpensive not cheap …please!

  4. montieandme Says:

    Hang on …let me think about this one…thinking…..still thinking…..blonde moment….. ok Nikos done inexpensive but relatively cheap!!

  5. Nothing wrong with lookin like a dolly mixture, i myself have a very fine wet suit tan which varies in shade from week to week. Dave’s right about ‘shoppin’ in general and his arty shots are indeed becoming very arty……….almost tate modern infact:P

  6. montieandme Says:

    I suppose the dolly mixture look could catch on Will lol… Shouldn’t encourage dave he will only start showing off…

  7. Nice pictures and post…just love it…keep on posting sista…I won’t tease you this time…cheers

    • montieandme Says:

      Hey Baron 🙂 how ya doing bro… thanks, not boring you all to death with my mindless wittering? lol

  8. Love your mindless state of mind…lol who knows you might surprise us some day…. but seriously…you’re doing a good job baring it all….lol…
    see I can’t help but tease ya… THE pics are great and the stories wonderful wish I Had your talent.

  9. “…let me think about this one…thinking…..still thinking…..blonde moment….. ok Nikos done inexpensive but relatively cheap!! “

    how about “frugal”, or “low maintenance”

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    ps: keep those pixs coming

  10. montieandme Says:

    No low maintenance makes me sound like a 125 motorbike or cheap car!! and frugal..ummm meaning : acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, yep like that one 😉

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