You want to go out for a ride, but its too hot, but you have to go out cause you need shopping, oh the dilemmas I have to endure!! Daves still faffing about with his new toy..(camera) that should keep him quiet for weeks if not months, I think its a fair cop, I get a new Motorbike and Dave gets a new camera 😉


Meet dalaman, this is our town complete with tractor, its Sunday so not too busy on the roads, Dalamans only a very small town, more of a village really.


You don’t get shopping much cheaper than you do in BIM, I suppose its the equivalent to Migros… Really want to ride around abit more but the temperatures are rising and the sun piercing.


My paniers have come in handy as well.


I had an idea Dave would be clicking away behind me, decided to take a short ride about, cant have Montie thinking hes being neglected.


Beloved is still fiddling with the settings on his camera so its all experimental at the moment, off home for a cold shower and drink a gallon of water.



  1. That’s the great thing about bikes – Montie’s not only beautiful (or I should say, handsome), but very useful too.

  2. montieandme Says:

    He surprisingly gets quite alot in the paniers, they come with the bike so its an added bonus, being black though tends to get abit hot in the sun…lol

  3. Hey Linda….God bless his new toy…the Camera…for now we can see ya riding Montie.

    Here’s a song for you….For Linda

  4. montieandme Says:

    CHUBBY CHECKER!! WOW that was a huge blast from the past Baron, wow I remember running onto the dance floor every time this song came on and twisting so much that my muscles ached in the morning hahaha so good to hear that song again, made my morning thanks 🙂 bring back the old songs!!

  5. Look forward to following your Turkish adventures with Montie. Now I have to dig out my atlas and try to find your town.

    • montieandme Says:

      Hi Canajun, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Look for Marmaris or Fethiye on the map and we are in between, or half hour from Dalyan, Dalaman is a major Airport Town.

  6. Great photo on the banner

  7. montieandme Says:

    Thanks John, its amazing where you can use your photos lol

  8. Linda I have to confess now…I like picture #3 from the top down….lol
    Let’s twist sista….

  9. montieandme Says:

    Trusted you to make that comment, your going to have Dave kicking your derriere soon!!!!

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