Well I am… ya know as far as husbands go I’ve done very well, so how come this morning I woke up with an evil grin thinking how amusing it would be if I sewed Daves bottom sheet to the top while he was sleeping and then shout him for a cupper!!! I know what it is, my mad  devil hormones are kicking in again, of course I could just wake him now and try and start an argument, trouble is with that , we don’t have alot to argue about…

I took my evil grin and put the kettle on mumbling away to myself and telling my imaginary friend (as Dave was still asleep doh!)  that as if hot flushes were not bad enough, I now had to endure another day of over 40c…my imaginary friend said nothing…just as well cause I was ready for him….

Daves really placid which is a bummer when you have mad hormones flying about and you want to stamp your feet and have a moody, so I have to satisfy my cravings by maybe putting one sugar in his tea instead of two or moving ornaments around, sometimes I even move bits about on his desk as he likes everything in place and symmetrical, now I don’t know why I do this cause he only moves them back and never ever in our marriage  mentions it!!!

Its not easy being a woman, İn fact my Mother always said I should of been born a boy as I’d much rather play in the garage with my dads tools than playing with dolls… Anyway Dave got up and said cheerfully ”Wanna go for a ride” where I said? ”Oh the Mountains”…HAH! GOT HIM….. he then had to endure me complaining  in true female mental mode about how it will be hot up the Mountains and very dusty blahh blahh blahh..and oh does my tummy look big?  Dave knows this is a trick question so he sort of nods yes and no at the same time and made a quick exit out the door with his new camera.

What did I say?

And to make matters worse he came back with nice photos, so I took  my mental nutter hormones out to see Montie to give him the once over and a clean….

Dave came out smiling with his new camera and took some photos, DAMN..How am  I supposed to take my hormonal crisis out on him if he keeps on being nice ..even for a BAD ASS BABE!!! like me…




Montıe understands me 😉


24 Responses to “BAD ASS BABE!!!”

  1. Hey Linda! What a great blog! I hope that you and Montie have a long term relationship with the open road in Turkey. So much to see and explore. Love your photos, as well. You really are one hot little biker babe! Mwah! 🙂 Joe

  2. montieandme Says:

    Thanks Joe, you really are sweet…glad you liked my blog, thanks for commenting.

  3. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    The World knows now how I suffer lol……

  4. montieandme Says:

    Do you guys know he just offered to make me something to eat just after writing that comment…cant appease the devil woman…lol

  5. Hey Linda…you ever heard of Arsenic babe…?
    I’d cook for myself if I were you…lol
    Great post…lots of skin could make the biker chick magazine…what a tease you are

    • montieandme Says:

      ARSENIC!!!! Never thought of that Baron…nah he wouldn’t…………would he!!!! Think I’m well past my pin up days lol

  6. Hot flushes? But, surely, you’re far too young…

    • montieandme Says:

      Oh bless you John, you have now gone to the top of the class with a gold star, My eldest daughter is 27!, so alas Yes hot flushes for this ol girl 🙂

  7. You’re far too young to have a 27 year old daughter…when did they start …in the cradel?
    Hot flushes will drive you crazy for a couple of years…good thing you got yourself montie…

  8. I leave you alone for one day and this is what happens……….

    Dave – I understand you’re suffering, I know just what she’s like. Keep yer chin up!

  9. montieandme Says:

    Oh I have myself a whole Army of kids Baron, well they are all grown up now… how we women suffer!!!, while you men get off lightly 🙂
    Montie I am sure will be a good distraction….

  10. Linda, I saw your response on the Mondial on Baron’s blog – thanks! You have a beautiful bike, and no wonder Montie likes you!!! Nice blog by the way, and I look forward to your future posts.

    • montieandme Says:

      Thanks Lance, and thanks for stopping by my blog, always fab to get new people, especially when they say nice things 😉 Monties a good bike nothing wowie but he does what it says on the packet, reliable, comfortable and cheap to run, I had a super pink scooter before called Barbie she was a good little runner as well.

  11. Linda:

    I could learn a thing or two, from Dave. you know . . . smile, don’t make waves and just put things back in their rightful place, and I thought that I was particular. Nice clean bike too. Now that Dave has his new camera we get to see more of you

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  12. montieandme Says:

    hahaha how childish am I…. he can be quite a Victor Meldrew at times but hes very good when i’m having my mad moments lol My bike runs very well I’m very pleased with him…

  13. Cracking job Linda – give me some time to navigate it but it looks great:D

  14. montieandme Says:

    hey hun, you found me then 🙂 great to see you…thanks..

  15. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  16. pinksheet news Says:

    I am really fan of your blog….

  17. penny stock Says:

    Hi there I like your post

  18. Hello to all 🙂 I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

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