Beloved told me this morning that I ride too slow, I am happy going 60-70 but Dave says I need to keep up with the flow of traffic otherwise I will end up in the gutter, of course this is true, but like I said I wanted to get used to the bike before speeding up, needless to say I was rather disgruntled about being told I cant keep up .. so Lets go.

I wanted to go to Dalyan and Köyceğiz, Dalyan is about half an hour away and Köyceğiz is about 15 minutes further than Dalyan. I knew Dave was not going to slow down for me, so in true style I made darn sure I kept up with him all the way, huh!! too slow…..


We went to the Rock bar, a friend of ours owns it, so had to show him my bike, the Yamaha 650 Dragstar is his, I knew straight away how impressed he was as my bike dwarfed beside  two 650’s,  he recons the bike was a good buy and in excellent condition.

Off to show Montie the lake and the tombs, always makes nice photos.


Surprised to see not many people around, guess it was too hot for them,  over the 40’s again today, right a few more shots..


Then off to Köyceğiz, we have a friend who works here called Ray, so popped in to say hello and then went down to the lake to take a few more pics.



Kinda like this pic cause my bike actually looks bigger than what it is, Köyceğiz is only a small village but very beautiful.


Montie and I just sat and admired the view, ıts so peaceful here, the Mountains make a lovely back drop, if only I had remembered to bring water I would of stayed longer!!

Been a good day out, but the heat is getting to us , so time to ride home, I took a few corners abit wide, so I’m going to have to watch myself, other than that I think Montie and I have reached an understanding.


And just to make the day complete, I am proud to announce,  I managed to get Montie through the gates of the apartment, mirrors still intact.. HURRAH!!!


8 Responses to “I’M SLOW.. LETS GO!!!”

  1. Hello Linda,

    Just found your blog from Daves……Your doing really well, wish my wife would ride her own bike, makes touring easier.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Linda:

    don’t worry about “too slow” ride your own ride. Dave knows to wait for you. Don’t ride beyond your abilities. In time as you progress you will be more confident in your abilities.

    Even though I have been riding for a few years, I do not speed, preferring to keep +5 or +10 over the limit as my max speed. So Perhaps Dave will leave me in the dust too

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    PS: Nice looking bike. I have never seen one in person

    • montieandme Says:

      Thanks Bob, I rode a Motorbike in the UK but have only been pottering about on a scooter here until recently. so i’m abit rusty, Its too dangerous here to speed for anyone, I’m enjoying being back in the seat again and hope to get my confidence when it comes to Mountains with no barriers!!!

  3. Hey Linda,

    Am I missing something here…….when did Dave become FAST !!
    You just take your time and go at your own speed….please Mrs.
    I’ve been riding for 30 years and I still get things wrong.
    Just tell me if he’s pressureing you and I’ll sort him out.

    After our 2 days of heat, roads melting and the council deciding to put piles of loose sand and gravel on every bend was not enough, I’ve now got to put up with flash floods, cars coming in the opposite direction causing me to nearly come off with the pressure of the water hiting me while I dodge the lightning.
    Not to mention some crazy woman on a anti-bike campain trying to whip me with a huge stick as I passed !!……..and you think you’ve got it bad in Turkey.

    Can’t wait to see you and Dave again……Bev’s just told me what that swine Tony said to her on the phone….I’m very angry with him.


  4. You make sure you keep those mirrors intact 😉

  5. montieandme Says:

    Hey Ian 🙂

    No your right Dave never takes chances and is very careful when it comes to speeding, I hate melted tar and sometimes I feel my wheels going, It is better with bigger wheels but going too fast as you well know here in Turkey, a dog, person or pot hole is in front of you before you know whats happening…

    hahahaha I take it back..forgot how much fun it can be riding in the UK… anti-bike campaigners, pah!!! got nothing better to do with themselves…

    Cant wait to see you both again, getting near now, bet your both getting excited as the tour draws nearer..

    Glad Bev told you about Tony, me too I was fuming, how dare he upset my Bev grrrrrr…and yep I shall report straight back to you if Daves pressures me 🙂

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