Well you would think!! did  a really stupid move today, luckily my reflexes were quick enough, riding along only going about 45 singing away to myself, went round a gravel bend and misjudged it, so I put on my front brake!! yep just got myself out of a front wheel skid, let go as soon as I realised what I’d done, I’m so used to riding the Scoot that I automatically went for the front, I know that’s no excuse, but I cant think of better one.

On the plus side I am getting alot better with my poor clutch, I have been battling with clumsiness or ” heavy hand syndrome”  as I like to call it, all my life, I remember my poor driving instructor in the UK used to shout at me all the time, of course this infliction is not my fault it must be some sort of hereditary thing. I’m ok changing gears as I’m riding along but when getting him started I have been known to be abit heavy on the clutch. Dave just tuts at me and shouts ”be gentle” of course his seeds of wisdom just fall on stony ground.


Yesterday and Today I kept on hearing a rattle, driving me mad, I couldn’t hear myself sing, told Dave all about it and he said nope cant hear it, and gave me one of those, your having a senior moment looks, so carried on protesting and he eventually took him out for a ride this morning  and sure enough the verdict was ” Its bloody rattling”  he had a look and decided it was the name plate and a retaining lug, that had snapped off, its only abit of trim and has no use other than it covers up abit of ugliness, so no ugliness on my bike thank you.


This is the offending object, been stuck back together,  Dave being an improvisation expert  used double sided rubber tape and super glue and it was as  good as new.


We had to fix him at 7pm this evening, as today  it was over 40c and very hot, the air was so dusty that by the time we got back from town this after noon we both had sore throats and  eyes.


Of course with all the messing about with my bike, poor Montie was all dirty, which gave me the excuse to clean and polish him again, theres something very therapeutic about cleaning your bike, I used to nag Dave for spending hours on his.


We have a very narrow gate entrance to get to our apartment, so the next biggie is successfully riding through WITHOUT knocking my mirrors off!!!!!


9 Responses to “IT’S JUST LIKE RIDING A BIKE!!”

  1. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    When do you fancy a trip to Patara?


  2. His and hers blogs… how long before you’re not speaking and Dave posts on here, where’s my dinner? and you post on his, it’s in the oven…

  3. montieandme Says:

    Oh hes already asked for his dinner on my blog…I blogged back have to clean my bike first!! 😉

  4. Let me know if you go to Patara. I’ll come over and meet you.

  5. When I rented a scooter in Mykonos I was told “whatever you do don’t use the FRONT brake”??


  6. montieandme Says:

    And he was telling you correct Nikos, you should never use your front brake on gravel,sand or slippery tar, but on regular roads front and back brakes can be used, saying NEVER is abit extreme.

  7. montieandme Says:

    Yep be great to meet up in Patara John, shall let you know in good time when we plan to go 🙂

  8. Well the advice was a bit extreme as the back brake didn’t work at all!


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