Notary day!! this is always a joy, its basically an office you sit in for hours waiting for the clerk to stamp a few pieces of paper and photo copy a few more.The Notary is where you go to change ownership of vehicle or property,  I woke Dave up nice and early again because I wanted to ride Montie, hes going to regret the day he ever bought me him.

We first went to the Notary and waited,  we had to get an interpreter and we were pleased to see it was Yelcin one of our old friends. Eventually all the paper work got done all signed as sealed, next off to the Traffic Office, this is where you go for your insurance, they also do your number plate, because as we are Foreign we need a plate starting with the letters MD…. Now these people are fabulous no messing around straight on the job, they are the same people that sorted out Daves Green card when we toured Europe. Next off to the Traffic Police to do more signing and eventually returning to the insurance office to collect all the documents and plate…. Its very unusual to have it all done in one day but we were lucky enough to get it all completed.

So this is what all the fuss was about…


The cost of the Notary and the Traffic Office by the way was  not short of 500 Lira, which is about 200 Gbp.. alot different from the way we did things in the UK, we just signed a piece of paper and sent it away, 2 minutes and your done.

I still needed a new box for the back so off to Ortacia which is only a few miles up the road from Dalaman, it was very difficult finding one as the bike rack where the box goes has an angle, none seemed to fit properly, so we decided to take the back rest off that came with the bike and buy a box with a back rest on. Now you may think that fitting a box is a simple task…you would be wrong as nothing really actually fits here, what you have to do is try and find the nearest to what you want and improvise..Dave and I are getting pretty good at this…


Daves Transalp was very obliging and gave us a helping hand carrying the box back to Dalaman, with a few bungee cords we were on our way to the Seni which is an industrial site, we have a good mechanic there who we have used for years.


He had quite a struggle, it still looked on a slant when he finished so he started again this time drilling it straight into the luggage rack, perfect.PIC_0239

And in true Turkish spirit anyone who happens to be passing at the time always pops in and lends a helping hand. I on the other hand had the hardest job of all…..


I had to eat  doughnuts and fresh Pomegranate juice..its a tough life being a biker chick 😉 Soon the bike was ready with number plate fitted as well, looking pretty dapper..


We were hoping to get Crash bars for the front but couldn’t find any anywhere, also to my horror crash bars translated into Turkish is Tampon, so having to go up to  Mechanic and ask ”can you find me a tampon and fit it for me” just totally feels wrong!!  we may get some made but like Dave says  ”don’t fall off”



  1. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    I regret the day already…your costing me a fortune…is it tea time yet ?


    Hungry husband..

  2. montieandme Says:

    Do Biker Chicks cook husbands dinners…have to clean Montie yet!!! 😉

  3. travelswithmymotorbike Says:

    They do if they want some petrol money…….


    Very thin Dave..

  4. On the Hairy Bikers programme Dave Myers and Si King take turns in cooking??

  5. That’s a great TV show………

    Good idea that top box – can get more clothes and make up in!!!

  6. montieandme Says:

    Well Daves a hairy biker and I’m … a biker with a big N..when I was converlessing after an Operation, Dave nearly burnt the house down trying to cook!!!

  7. montieandme Says:

    Ha Ha..ummm I only use One lippy and one eye liner, but next tour yeh! for sure I can take more than two changes of clothes….

  8. It’s a great-looking bike! Do the top box and crash bars come as standard accessories or are they 3rd party?

  9. montieandme Says:

    No crash bars and Top box do not come as accessories John, you have to buy them, however the panier’s do come with the bike.

  10. Nice choice of top box, it goes really well with the bike.
    Obviously Dave must of picked it !!
    Room for more lippy now. LOL

  11. montieandme Says:

    Actually I was after an all black one but couldn’t find it, may have this one sprayed shall see…

  12. Dave

    You did good nearly burning the house down – have you pruned everything in the garden so much that the gardening duties have bben relieved of you too? I did…


  13. Congratulations on your new ride and on your blog…Excellent stuff on here…I shall be back.
    take care and ride safe.

  14. montieandme Says:

    Thanks Baron 🙂 I have added your blog to my links, Oh we dont have a garden anymore, so I may have to put Dave on Pot Plant duties!!!!

  15. Thanks Linda sounds great…
    so long as he doesn’t start growing weed…if you know what I mean…lol

  16. He can also eat dandelion…good for the stomach..the Italians say

    • montieandme Says:

      Been thinking about what you said, and I remember when I was young (not that long ago lol) I was told Dandelions make you wet the bed!!! no weed for Dave….

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