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Suppose your all wondering why I have called my blog SEEK AND DESTROY, well I shall tell you, yesterday I was feeling considerably better after my wobbly tummy, got to 4am this morning and off I go again, don’t think my feet actually touched the floor as I flew into the bathroom!! this most certainly is not funny anymore and serious actions are called for..

I have pinned my infliction on one or maybe all of these guys, this  image might be  abit too technical for you all, I am going to seek and destroy these critters if its the last thing I do!!


This is whats happening, (as I have a germ diploma ) germs  (as illustrated above) are male, they run after poor helpless woman, probably the ones that turn fans on, they then hang on until the female( ie me) falls horribly ill..

germs-1Illustration from the University of germs..

What to do… Got up this morning and put on my camouflaged trousers with matching cap, armed myself with the New gun loaded super anti bacterial high powered jet disinfectant, with extra strong bleach…these germs don’t know who they are dealing with, shall tell you about my past SAS training in another blog.

I don’t understand, because I’ve always been known for being house proud, I do all the wifey things and even make a weekly list of jobs to do..


So its beyond me how these germs stood any chance at all of contaminating me, I started on the kitchen, only take half hour, bleach tops down, wash the floor, I proceeded to wash the tops and a mark caught my eye on the cupboard so I bleached that, so then I thought, might as well do the insides as well, emptied all the cupboards binning anything that was more than a day old, I then clocked the fridge, threw everything away cleaned it out several times and moved the microwave to a different unit, which I am sure contributed in the killing of germs, completely stripped the cooker down and binned the chopping board..cant be too careful!! oh the frying pan went as well…

Bathroom: always a good hidey hole for those beasties, so to work…done the usual throwing away of  anything that looked suss including numerous empty bottles of shampoo and a few rusty razors, I read that using half a lemon kills all bacteria, so I sliced one up and rubbed it all over the shower screen, the lemon juice may of worked, but it took me another half an hour to remove all the bits of lemon that got stuck on the glass, these germs are becoming more work than I originally thought.

The lounge, now Dave was in there on his computer which was causing me great concern as I feel a  need to decontaminate the entire room, so I asked him to get me some more bleach from town, now germs are very clever and you always have to be one step ahead of them, so I moved all the furniture about so’s to confuse them, then bleached all the floors, scrubbed all the doors plus handles, gutted Dave’s computer table and threw away the table mats as i’m sure they must of been riddled with germs, I replaced them with the new souvenir mats I bought Dave whilst we were touring, he wanted to keep them boxed but this I decided was a medical emergency…

By the time Dave came back he was wondering what the hell was going on, as he couldn’t find the kettle to make a cuppa and walked into the settee which wasn’t there when he left to go shopping.

Now I must confess I am abit shattered now, this after all should of been a half hour job..maybe I’ve missed a germ or two…

wife cleaning

The Apartment looks clean, well I think it does, I cant see very well as my eyes are streaming and stinging with the fumes of  bleach, and thinking on,  shall have to send Dave out again cause ı’ve thrown most the food away! Dave’s banned from using the kitchen or bathroom as I don’t want it germing up again…

And…I’ve not been on my trusty laptop much today, this is causing me to worry as well as I am having to use the bathroom alot and missing out on important blogs or twitters….

Fear not,  for I have found the answer if my germ ridden body continues to persist..


There’s always an answer, you just have to search for it…

I’m hoping now that after all my hard work it will pay off, after all I have probably saved Dave from the dreaded germ disease, although he seems to think  I have gone slightly over the top …





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As you may well know I have been some what unwell these past few days, and although I have been a martyr and struggled endlessly to cook my dearest husbands dinner, pass him the remote control for HIS fan when asked, I am pleased to announce I am now recovering nicely, ın fact I thought maybe a ride on Montie today is just what I need, and as I peered over the balcony he was indeed looking a bit neglected…


He was well upset when I got to him, I’d  not ridden him for a few  days…..Oh I knew he was sulking because when I tried to start him up he spluttered which in bike language means (bugger off) I tried several times but no, just spluttered even more, I tried the walking away as if I don’t care approach, nah! tried the, I’m going to sell your shiny black ass if you don’t budge approach…nah! then the tearful It wasn’t my fault I was really ill approach …I think I saw a little flicker of head lights glow as when I tried him again giving him some more throttle he started up..

He wouldn’t start because of a common problem here in Summer, petrol evaporates from the carburettor, We have had this problem with alot of our bikes and scooters in the heat if you don’t ride them regularly and leave them parked in the sun.

Copy of PIC_1321

Off for a ride, not far as the temperatures are soring, did our ritual shopping and then headed up near the Mountains, why is it when I’m riding along I always end up on a very narrow road with a Sunday driver, purposely I swear going 10miles per hour… good job I don’t feel any road rage brewing…


Thought I would show you a photo of our new Mosque, its the biggest in Dalaman. I’ve not actually seen many folk going in and out, maybe they still hav’nt finished building yet, after all its only been under construction for 3 years!! we were thinking of buying a villa years ago opposite where the Mosque is now, really glad  the villa in question was full of damp, would of been really noisy listening to the Mosque man screaming away 5 times a day through his tanoid..


Pic of Moi outside the Mosque.


Off home again, my tee shirt looks like it should be in a wet tee shirt competition I’m sweating that much, sooo uncool when your in your 40’s..

And now for something completely different….

Playing with fire..


Mirror view

Hanging around

cartoon me

Cartoon time

Don’t you just love playing with photos!!!

PS… Would like to thank everybody who took the time to sign my Guest Book..and of course Brains from Tracy Island :p  and no that wasn’t me 😉

PPS. Have been asked for a wet tee-shirt photo? mind boggles why…anyway here it is…


One wet tee-shirt, hope you like it 😉

comments later:

Apparently this is STILL not good enough as complaints have been made saying that the tee-shirt is in fact EMPTY…

So once again, I do aim to please on my blog….


Boris my 40yr old bear was not too happy about dressing up as a woman, so please (bear) that in mind, I hope now you are all satisfied 🙂


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You all know me by now, don’t like to take life too seriously, so here’s some of my favourite Cartoons, in true Biker style of course, smile all 😉







7340Happy Biker Cartoon day 😉


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Ok my blogging buddies, I seem to feel that a few of you…and you know who you are, appear to be lets say a little bit envious of my lifestyle,  so I think its only fair to put the record straight!!

So far I have shown you photos of sunny days, palm trees, beautiful scenes, well in fact what I should of really shown you is….wait for it….

The Snow…I can assure you underneath all those layers I can be found, the fisherman’s wet weather gear I thought was a nice little touch, I’ve always been known as being a follower of fashion!! As you can see, very cold, freezing scarf stuck to my mouth…


And as if I couldn’t humiliate myself anymore…….


I preceded to do the famous Turkish ”dance about like an idiot until you get warm” dance….. another quick pic as if your not convinced …


Admittedly its not 5ft of snow, but rest assure my blogging buddies up  Mountains riding a bike its very cold…ok onto the next…


Earth quakes…. now I’m not entirely sure if this man is responsible for them, I have yet to enquire, but a couple of weeks ago, poor Daves cupper went flying and neither of us could stand up, we looked out the window and saw numerous Turkish folk leaving their dwellings, by the time dave and I decided if we should leave or not discussing it in great length and if we should go out in our cotton pants and was over!! onto the next!!!

dpan681lThe Heat…. Now I’m not one to moan…but ıt does get rather hot here, I mean I get a new bike, cant wait to go out , get a couple of miles down the road and feel like ı’ve been on a 10 mile hike through a desert, a very big desert at that… you constantly drip with sweat and can never drink enough water and if you don’t the headaches start and you stumble about in a state of which I can only describe as a intoxicated zombie!! most of our Brit friends buy bottled water but Dave and I like to live life on the edge and drink it straight from the tap, I never thought I would see the day I ended up wearing big Cotton knickers with matching nylon underwear here ohhh nooo… onto the next..


Cattle..I love animals, cute little sheep, cows and goats, I like them even more when they are in a field behind a fence , picture this, your out on a lovely summers day, the suns shining, birds singing yar dee yarr…. and then as your finishing singing ”like a bat out of hell by meatloaf” a cow is there inches from your bike, followed by 20 chickens and a few stray goats…yeh not so lovely now eh!!..onto the next…

language barrier

Turkish Language Barrier…Living in any foreign Country its always a jolly good idea to try and learn abit of the lingo, Turkey is no exception ..other than its bloody hard to learn, its back to front and one word has 100 different meaning and uses, ı’ve picked up abit while Dave on the other hand waves his arms about like a demented Gorilla and they strangely seem to know exactly what he means!! onto the next..


Technology…The wonders of modern technology  amazed me in the UK, here on the other hand the lack of it amazes me, its not that you cant buy it, you can if you want to pay 50% more than you would in the UK… and tracking it down is always a good game, usually this marathon involves riding all day to different towns asking in gorilla arm swinging lingo what you want, to be told yok!!meaning ”NO”..then finding out from the shop down the road where you live that they can actually get it but its gonna cost and it will be here in approx 10 months and its coming from somewhere in Istanbul!!..onto the next…

boredBoredom… my Dad used to say is a state of the mind? yeh right Dad…I worked hard in the UK  always busy, in fact I could never really sit still, up early for shift, home try to understand my off springs needs and so on and so on, so what happens when you retire? glad you asked…you still  damn well get up at 6am thats what, cause your stupid (mind) cannot compute that you don’t have to get up early anymore…. you have to retrain yourself, Daves got it to a fine art, he didn’t really need training cause hes happy plodding along at zero warp speed, I on the other hand had to find things to do, you lucky people have jobs and  colleagues to gossip away to and have the satisfaction of doing a good honest hard days work..poor me on the other hand has to find numerous meaningless things to do…feel sorry for me yet..NO…ok onto the last…


Power cuts… Yep this is always a good one, cause the Power cut Monster always shows his ugly face when you are,

1. Downloading a film and only have 5 minutes left to go or,

2. In the middle of baking a cake…

This particular time of course he topped himself and waited until daughter arrived, he must of been having a good ol chuckle to himself..daughter on the other hand didn’t see the funny side of it, and proceeded to find the instruction on how to light a candle!!

There you go, I hope now you can all see  how Dave and I suffer, and in fact I really have managed to..



SJAT Says:

Ok. I will grant all these things, but:

Snow. I dare say I needn’t point out that we still get that here. In fact, I suspect it was invented by a Yorkshireman. Of course that Lancastrians invented sleet!

Earthquakes. A friend of mine in Lincolnshire was almost squashed last year by his bookshelves that fell over onto his bed during the Market Raisen Earthquake. Here they’re just irritating rather than impressive. Sort of damp semi-earthquakes.

Heat: I’d have conceded this had we not had a headwave here recently. Thing is, I like heat. I love it. We don’t get enough. We get rain!

Cattle. Have you been over the North Yorkshire Moors? On my last trip on the bike I got my foot nibbled by a sheep!

Language. Ok this one I have to concede. I tried to learn a little Turkish before we went to Istanbul. It’s like learning to gargle Yiddish while eating glue and signing ‘red lorry yellow lorry’. But then I live in North Yorkshire, so English is still my second language…

Technology. I live in rural North Yorkshire. Nuff said?

Boredom. Now you see, I’m a Roman/Classical History nut. In our local area there are a few badly-weathered stones. I spend a great deal of time doing things like plotting all the ancient cities of Lycia on Google Earth. You live next to them!

Power Cuts. Once (once only mark you) have we had a New Year’s Eve in the village pub without power cuts. My parents bought themselves a generator, which suggests how often we have them.

Sorry, my dear, but you’re gonna have to come up with some better reasons than that! Love the pic choices though.


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Wıth temperatures soring, I prize myself away from the sacred fan, today I was not going to wait until 2pm (the hottest time of day) like  some  sadistic Marta, before I ventured out, shopping plus a visit to Micks was the order of the day. Decided to try and find a pair of sandals that didn’t fall off my feet every time I change gear, trouble here is I have paddles for feet and the majority of Turkish woman are NOT 5ft 11 with size 40 feet!! so I took my paddles and tried on a couple of pairs, not only did they not fit properly but they wanted 50Lira for them, in the market they are 10 Lira..shall wait till market day and try and find a mans pair that fit.


The roads are very dry and dusty, they do insist on putting more and more gravel down, makes the riding abit more interesting I suppose!!


Shopping done, and by the way Dave allows me 10minutes tops if I’m lucky in any shop, If I’m not at the till when he gets there he leaves, he not only despises shopping but for some unknown reason I cant think of, seems to think I buy things that could be deemed as unnecessary!!!


I put my shorts on today in a vain bid to try and get a tan on my legs, I look like a dolly mixture, top half brown , bottom half white, the bike does get abit hot and I think I’m just going to end up with legs full of burns instead…


Meet Simba, Saber and Zous, Simba and Saba are Kangals, they are still pups about 7 months old, Simba is a full Kangal and when fully grown, standing on back legs up straight, will easily be able to eye ball a 6 ft man, Saber is half breed but will still grow more, Zous is an old boy at 10 years, very beautiful and takes alot of flake the youngsters dish out, but he lets them know when hes had enough!!


Saber the soppier one.


Complete with slobber and dog hairs its time for home and do all that exciting wifey stuff like cooking and cleaning, cant wait!!


Dave practicing his arty shots, not bad considering he was riding along at the time, think I shall get a shower when I get home I keep getting a strong wiff of wet dog and sweat as I ride along …nice…


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I love photographs, its so easy today with digital cameras, within minutes you have your photo loaded onto your pc and then on the net for all the world to see, who would of thought years ago it could ever happen… This has really nothing to do with my blog just having one of those deep and meaningful moments, thought  I’d put a couple of bikes on I’ve rode since ı’ve been in Turkey..

Got to start with Barbie my faithful scoot…


There’s actually a story behind all this, so bear with me, it started years ago when one of my daughters bought me a keyring,


Abit blurred sorry, but you can see where this is going eh! decided if Barbie was my nick name then Barbie I shall be, so it had to be a pink scoot, she had one…. Dave tried in vain to talk me into a black, red or even blue scoot, but No, I was adamant, Barbie wouldn’t be seen dead on a black bike so barbie uncool, after alot of searching I found her,  she was cool and got me around town quite nicely, was quite funny when Mick a tattooed long haired biker friend, had to put his Yamaha 650 Dragstar in the garage and he borrowed Barbie for 6 weeks…

So onto the next, this was a Chinese copy of a Yamaha Vırago,



Have sad memories of this bike, she was good looking and ran well, it was Daves bike and he got a 650 so had this bike going, I fancied the Mondial so he sold it, the person he sold it to trashed her, we saw it a few months later practically unrecognisable, wish now I had kept it.


This was another little scoot we were actually looking after for someone, we rode it about, this was a Modial 125, alot of the Turkish people ride about on these, Dougal our dog at the time took a fancy to it as well, teach them young…Oh nearly forgot to show you my little runaround…


Nothing special…WHAT!!  Ok so maybe I’m not being totally honest with you guys, we met some Turkish Bikers whilst out riding, this trike was fabulous couldn’t resist a photo shoot…


Fear not Montie, my Barbie days are over, Dave never made a very good Ken anyway 😉


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You want to go out for a ride, but its too hot, but you have to go out cause you need shopping, oh the dilemmas I have to endure!! Daves still faffing about with his new toy..(camera) that should keep him quiet for weeks if not months, I think its a fair cop, I get a new Motorbike and Dave gets a new camera 😉


Meet dalaman, this is our town complete with tractor, its Sunday so not too busy on the roads, Dalamans only a very small town, more of a village really.


You don’t get shopping much cheaper than you do in BIM, I suppose its the equivalent to Migros… Really want to ride around abit more but the temperatures are rising and the sun piercing.


My paniers have come in handy as well.


I had an idea Dave would be clicking away behind me, decided to take a short ride about, cant have Montie thinking hes being neglected.


Beloved is still fiddling with the settings on his camera so its all experimental at the moment, off home for a cold shower and drink a gallon of water.