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Tomorrows a Brand New Day

Posted in TOMORROWS A BRAND NEW DAY with tags , on May 6, 2009 by Linda's Life ;D

Marriage is a strange thing, even when you have been with someone for years somethings still are difficult to talk about or should I say how to put into words or when to say them, I have had this problem for a while now, I know Daves likes and dislikes and one of his likes happen to be smoking, I smoke as well and have noticed over the last few months how this is starting to effect us. We smoke so much out here, cigs are so cheap compared to the UK, we have tried giving up before but sadly started again, we could of course run off hundreds of silly excuses why we started again, but we all know that’s what they are excuses, the fact is we were not strong willed enough.

Anyway today I blurted out to Dave that I was getting worried about his health and desperately wanted us both to quit, with both our fathers passing away partly due to cigs, plus the fact it was bloody obvious we were both starting to suffer ill effects from cigs, I couldn’t just carry on watching us get worse…” oh god!! gone and done it now” he said NO straight away and didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so I carried on and on and on and on… I then got the look over the glasses which means shut up now!! so I did 😦

But about half an hour of total silence he said  ”Tomorrow we quit”  just like that, ” no stuffing our faces with cake or sweets this time as I dont want to gain tones of weight like before”.. ok I said ya on 🙂

Plan of action, tomorrows the day, I decided to make a quitting calendar so we can cross off each day as we go along, wanna see lol,


hahaha ok so its not a masterpiece but you get the general idea, I stuck it on the kitchen cupboard so we can see it every Morning.

I know deep down Daves doing this partly cause he loves money and hates wasting it on cigs and partly cause he knows how much I am worried, I dont really care why hes giving up as long as he does, and with us both giving up together we can help each other.


Enjoy Dave cause thats your LAST packet, just think photos of Dave WITHOUT  a cig in his mouth 🙂 I know its not going to be easy, and I dare say we may have a few cross words to say to one another, oh! wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a cartoon,


So blogging buddies wish us luck, I’m having a washing day tomorrow, get rid of ash trays, lighters and any reminders, tomorrows a brand New Day……